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Best Spa Training Courses in Nepal


Mandala studio provides best spa training course in Nepal with quality spa services and workshops by professional therapists and expertise teacher . We offer standard 20 hour, 40 hour short term course  and 160 hour long term Diploma courses all Year round by world massage federation. We also have a six month massage training program that has affiliations with C.T.E.V.T (Nepal government) and and students can be assured that they are taught the standard skills required for employment in this field. We are committed to our love for wellness, awareness and outreach. We intend to help make the world a better place through this commitment. We are designed and built on a foundation of clean, conscious construction with the intention of creating a calm and healthy environment for your practice. We offer different programs and services to satisfy our guests. Our design and philosophy can works hand in hand with our commitment to provide outstanding service and health care at a low impact on the environment. Come visit us and we assure you of no room for disappointment with all our effort.

International Spa Courses

Mandala studio provides best spa training course in Nepal with  quality spa treatment and workshops by professional and experienced teacher who is certified internationally. Many Nepalese as well as western people choose us for special spa training course. We have been able to provide best spa service to our guests over the years and make them satisfied. We are very famous for the quality of our service as well as in providing training. Not only that but we have been approved certified nationally and internationally. We provide different courses in spa depending on the need of our students. Our diploma spa courses are run by the world massage federation which is an international spa course from Germany and Australia. You will get a certificate once you have completed the training and this certificate is recognized worldwide. It gives you an opportunity to work in any place of the world easily.

We offer best spa training course in Nepal and We give our 100% to our students in order for them to get a wide range of skills. This will help them for employment opportunities in this field. Our Students will gain proficiency in all aspects of massage practice, including philosophy, benefits, contra-indication, principle of massage, anatomy and therapeutic applications, diagnosis and modalities.


Why with us?

• We are professional school with well qualified

• We provide world massage federation program

• We provide international certificate

• We are the first and only spa provider in Nepal approved by Nepal government

• Our courses are in international level

• Our certificate is accepted in the world wide

• Our spa course are all practical and theoretical

• We teach you spa therapy for treatment

• We provide you note book of the course

• We have comfortable spa room with a/c and clean bed sheet, towel etc.

• Upon completion of the course, you are welcome to practice in our studio24 hour

• We also offer you job in our school after you have completed your course

• We give opportunity to practice with our client after completing each massage course

• 24 hour free WiFi

• 20% off for other services like spa services, yoga class, facial, manicure pedicure, waxing, reiki healing, sound healing, steam sauna, etc.

* Diploma Course Certified by World Massage Federation

USD. 1500

Duration: 160hour – contact hour 120

Courses: theoretically

  1. Anatomy
  2. Introduction of Massages
  3. History of Massages
  4. Benefits of Massages
  5. Contradication of Massages


  1. Swedish Massage
  2. Deep Tissue Massage
  3. Hot-Stone Massage
  4. Thai Massage
  5. Ayurvedic Massage
  6. Shirodhara
  7. Reflexology
  8. Shiatsu
  9. Nepali Traditional Massage
Short term course

Duration: 20 hours USD 200 (choose 1 subject)
Duration: 40 hours USD 400 (choose 2 subjects)
Duration: 60 hours USD 500 (choose 3 subjects)
Duration: 100 hours USD 800 (choose 6 subjects)

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