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Yoga For All!

Throughout centuries many yogis developed their own style of yoga with their own typical pace and accent. The calm Yin Yoga has a completely different rhythm then the dynamics of Ashtanga Yoga. Hatha yoga is therapeutic yoga which take place in slow form by controlling body breath and mind together. For inner strength vinyasa flow is very popular for devoliping stamina, immunity power, flexibility and many more. For each different preference you can find a matching yoga style. The best medicine in case of doubt is to just give it a try, but for the more contemplative amongst us we give you a short summary of the more popular types of Yoga. Our Yoga classe in kathmandu will give you a gentle workout taking into account who you are and what your body can handle. All our classes are open levels. Yoga classes include a warming up session, followed by opening chanting and Asanas. Mostly session will end with Pranayama, meditation and closing chanting. The variety and amount will depend upon teacher and/or type of class. Some classes can be approached more spiritually; others will be focused on the physical body. Whatever your tendency, you will be able to find a yoga class that suits your style.

    We call Hatha Yoga the base of all yoga styles. It combines mantra, Asanas (body postures), Pranayama ( breathing control) and meditation into a complete workout system that can be used to achieve enlightenment or self-realization. Hatha Yoga is a slow form of yoga where the poster are held as far as possible by connecting the body, breath and mind’.
  2. our yoga class in Kathmandu are open level please do visit once you will not be disappointed
    Our Advice:Take it easy and enjoy!
  3. ASHTANGA YOGA (Mysore Style)
    Ashtanga yoga is commonly called Power Yoga and is amongst all yoga types probably the most challenging and demanding one. It combines strong breathing with a continuum series of Asanas (body postures); this results in intense sweating, which purifies the body and detoxifies the muscles.
    This athletic type of yoga practice is harder to pick up when you are a beginner.
  4. We teach the best yoga class in kathmandu for advanced people who want to practice most challenging yoga in Kathmandu.
    Our Advice:We challenge you!
    Commonly called Vinyasa Flow or just Flow, you’ll definitely be moving. It is a very physical and active form of Yoga, which let you flowing from one pose to the next which is also called vinyasa flow or vinyasa yoga..
  6. Grave the opportunity of yoga class in kathmandu with new experience with new teachers.
    Our Advice:No chance to get bored!
    Pilates is great for strengthening and toning the core and for increasing the flexibility, but it is not a comprehensive strength building program. Pilates involves precise moves and specific breathing techniques. Pilates aims to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and well being.
  8. If you are traveling in Nepal we are giving best yoga class in Kathmandu please don,t miss it .
    Our Advice:You are never too old to learn!
    Yin yoga is a slow form of yoga which held the posture for longer periods of time minimum five minutes or more than five minutes. Yin yoga focused on connective deep tissues of the body the tendons, fascia, and ligaments with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving.
  10. Yin Yoga class in kathmandu is very popular
    Our Advice:Give a challenge by your self.

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