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Six Cleansing Act (Satkarma)

Rs. 600 per services

Yogic Cleansing Acts or KRIYAS, are six cleansing acts to purify and detoxify the body.
We can call them a natural treatment and they are a part of the yogic tradition.

neti Neti
(Cleansing Nose)
dauti Dhauti
(Cleansing Stomach)
b-aste Baste
(Cleansing Large Intestine)
naili Nauli
(Cleansing Whole Abdomen)
kapavaati Kapal Bhati Kriya
(Breathing exercise to Cleansing Brain, Kidney etc.)
trataka1 Trataka
(Mind Concentration & Eyes Exercises)

[Note: Jal Neti Pot, Sutra Neti, Ruber Neti, Anima Pot also available in Mandala Yoga Studio.]

Nutrition and Diet Therapy after practice of six cleansing act.


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