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Reiki Healing in Nepal

Healing is the process of health to an unbalanced diseased, physical damage organism or blockages. Healing is a completely natural process; it is thought to be a flow of beneficial energy between the healer and the recipient. Healing is the process by which the cells in the body regenerate and repair to reduce the size of a damaged area and replaced it with new living tissue. Healer’s works with their hands or with sound vibration at a short distance from your body by inviting you to relax with the experience of a variety of sensation, warmth or coolness, or pain coming to the surface as the energy goes to work. Healing can happen on many different levels, sometimes our healing is not what we expect. We need to be open to the gift which life is always ready to give us. If you are a real healer you have a strong energy power people can easily fell your energy around you healing will help to release your stress, pressure, tension, blockages etc.


Best Reiki Healing Therapy in Nepal

It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is administered by placing hands above the body. Unseen life force energy will hereby, in combination with a few specific Reiki techniques, heal the affected area. Reiki will open up blockages; it will make your body healthy and active. Reiki teachings claim that it is inexhaustible and it can be used to induce a healing effect.

45 min Rs. 2000
60 min Rs. 2500


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