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Kriti Karki


Kriti Karki is the owner and the instructor of Mandala yoga and Spa. Her story of dedication and liking for Yoga and how she landed in this field is inspiring.

Kriti was very young, about 5-6 years when she became a victim of a very bad and serious asthma. Her Grandparents were a victim of it too and eventually died from this disease. It was then Kritis father (Dr. SB Karki) decided to teach Yoga, meditation, breathing exercise to his daughter with the practice of healthy yogic food routine. Dr. SB Karki specializes in Naturopathy and is also a yogic master of Nepal.

With all the efforts put in by her father and herself and the determination, she started recovering from Asthma at the age of 10. This not only changed her life, she also started developing the penchant for yoga and making it a daily routine. She was sent to a Yoga Ashram in India when she was 14 where she spent 3 years of her life doing strong Sadhana in the ashram, Jungle and Cave, finally achieving all the knowledge and skills of a yogic life.

After her return to Nepal she started teaching yoga in her father’s institute and hospital at the age of 18. After completing 2 years of teaching the practices of Yoga, she decided to complete Yoga courses from B.H.U University in Varanasi. After the completion of her course, she started provided Yoga teacher training course in Nepal at the age of 23. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in Yoga from India government academic university of yoga and naturopathy. She aims to complete her Master degree in Yoga and finally do a P.H.D in it.

Kriti is a strong believer of yoga and how it changes life from her experience in life and how it has changed things for her. She has now been in the yoga practice for 25 years and has completely got rid of the asthma problems. She has opened her own yoga studio in Thamel Mandala Yoga and Spa.

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